To keep offering these treatments

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replica bags qatar Spend some time on the internet and you’ll see stories of women whose lives have been transformed by having lasers blasted at their bits, and stats showing how common treatments such as labiaplasties have become.Our obsession with having the ‘perfect’ genitals in terms of external appearance, tightness, scent, and ‘cleanliness’ (just look at all the unnecessary vagina ‘detox’ products out there) pushes us to extreme measures, spending large amounts of money to strive towards an ideal. Food and Drug Administration is urging people with vaginas to resist the pressure, replica bags in delhi stating that the organisation is ‘deeply concerned’ about the rise of vaginal rejuvenation treatment.As the FDA explains, many of the laser treatments advertised as the key to super tight vaginas are not officially approved, and pose risks of vaginal burns, scarring, and chronic pain.The FDA’s administration commissioner replica bags pakistan Scott Gottlieb said: ‘The deceptive marketing of unproven treatments may not only cause injuries but may also keep some patients from accessing appropriate, recognized therapies.’We are deeply concerned women are being harmed.’The FDA has now sent letters to makers of vaginal laser devices and given them 30 days to respond to concerns.Many treatments promise top increase sexual pleasure, reduce pain, tighten the vagina, and even help to replica bags qatar reduce vaginal dryness. To keep offering these treatments, practitioners will need to provide the FDA with evidence to back up those claims.Alma Lasers, BTL Aesthetics, BTL Industries, Cynosure, InMode, Sciton, and Thermigen have all been warned to change their marketing to make clear that they have not been approved for vaginal rejuvenation.If you’re struggling with difficulty having sex, talk to your GP before you rush to book the cheapest procedure you can find they’ll likely have other recommended treatments replica bags review to try before committing to lasers or surgery.If you have your heart set on a treatment, do your research to make sure the practitioner is officially certified. replica bags qatar

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